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YOUR Picks For Favorite 2010 Jazz Albums!

For a few days over the past weekend, I asked people online two questions. The first one was, "What is your favorite album from 2010?" and the second was "Why was it your favorite?"

These were pretty basic questions but I discovered music that I didn't have a chance to listen to during the past year. I hope that you enjoy reading the answers. Maybe a recommendation will pique your interest to check out a couple of the albums, too. :) 

Favorite 2010 Jazz Albums Picked By EoJ Readers:  

Six String Theory  : I loved Esperanza Spalding's album "Chamber Music Society" because it stretched the boundaries of jazz and classical music. I liked how she used classical phrasing and improvised with jazzy flourishes.   

James Neal:Chucho Valdés & The Afro-Cuban Messengers - "Chucho's Steps"... my favorite Latin jazz pianist at some his best work. 140 characters (on Twitter) doesn't allow adequate explanation ... suffice to say "Chucho's Steps" = Latin jazz roots as calculus. 

Martin Sager: Maurice Brown "The Cycle of Love". A great mix of jazz, smooth, and R&B. The feel of the whole album is great!

Atane Ofiaja:  Hmmm, tough choice - I'll pick "TEN" by Jason Moran.  I chose "TEN" because I felt it was the most "refined" sounding album of the year. It takes a special group for me to listen to a jazz album without horns. The music here is not ferocious or in your face, it's a bit more sublime, but I dig it. "RFK In The Land Of Apartheid" and "Gangsterism Over 10 Years" are great cuts. "To Bob Vatel Of Paris"shows Moran's dexterity on the piano. Moran, Tarus Mateen, and Nasheet Waits are one of the finest trios in jazz today. I recommended this album to a friend who enjoyed music from the trio of Bill Evans, Scott LeFaro and Paul Motian. She loved it. Even casual jazz fans and non jazz fans like this album. It's easily accessible for everyone, imo. That's the mark of a great album.

in2jazz: My favorite 2010 jazz album is Mary Stallings "Dream" because it is a well done album. Mary's vocals are superb and the Eric Reed Trio is outstanding. It is definitely a welcome addition to your jazz collection.

Anino Odeli-Serrano:  Favourite Jazz album of the year is George Duke's "Déjà Vu". What's not to love about it?? Mr Duke is in his true element. My favourite track is "Stupid Is As Stupid Does". That arrangement is tres bien. In my opinion, this album was absolutely divine but it didn't get pushed like some of the others.

Vonmiwi Culvera: This super hard!☹ I'll give it to "Dream" by Mary Stallings.☺

James Mustafa: James Morrison Trio "Three's Company". 

Paul Aaaron: My fave was Jose James "Blackmagic". It appealed to various parts of my taste, good songs, good delivery + production, and wasn't merely rehashing previous ground. 

Nikos Fotakis: "Yesterday You Said Tomorrow" by Christian Scott - very intense, modern and creative. His band sounds like no other.  

Jazzzy One:I loved Esperanza Spalding's "Chamber Music Society". For one, I can push play without skipping tracks. Two, the blend of smooth instruments layered over her bass and her lilting voice don't argue with each other. They all cooperate. Finally, the track titles were my biography. I'm "Short And Sweet" and on a mission to discover "Knowledge Of Good And Evil". Some tried to treat me "As A Sprout", but inside, I'm as "Wild Is The Wind". In the "Winter Sun", I stopped being shocked at "What A Friend" I have chosen in the past. Instead, I began concentrating on one "Really Very Small" detail: do they support me? 

Jazz in Perspective: Christian Scott's album "Yesterday You Said Tomorrow". I love his compositions and his sound is so unique. I recently watched interviews with Christian Scott where he talks about each composition and everything he plays is so intentional. His music is creative, purposeful, and soulful. 

Reader Comments (4)

Happy New Year

January 7, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterJames Darlays

Hi James

Happy 2011 to you, James. I hope that you have a fantastic year! See you on Twitter. :)


January 7, 2011 | Registered CommenterDonna M

the other week I came across duets by Jarrett and Haden: Jasmine. Oh my.

January 15, 2011 | Unregistered Commenterwayne

Hi Wayne

I heard that the latest Jarrett & Haden album was fab. I have to make it a priority to get it and/or listen to it now that you've given it an endorsement. :)


January 16, 2011 | Registered CommenterDonna M

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