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KickStarter Campaign! Grace Kelly's "Working for the Dreamers" EP & Full album

Yesterday, I had a discussion with @Jazzipedia about how he would love it if saxophonist Grace Kelly could sit in with The Roots on The Tonight Show. I agreed that it was a cool idea and then we went back and forth about how does an artist get to sit in with the Tonight Show band? Mike (@Jazzipedia) mentioned that he was going to contact a few of the late night shows. I'm going to assist him with that somehow and that's when it came to my attention that Ms. Kelly has an active Kickstarter campaign going on!!


Check out below what exuberant Grace has to say about her current project:


(Special note: the gifts that she mentions in the video that should be on the right can be viewed here.)


Calling all fans and friends! I need your help to release my new music!

Hi Everyone!

My name is Grace Kelly. I'm a saxophonist, singer, songwriter, and arranger originally from Brookline MA now living in LA.

I'm excited that you're on this page reading about my first ever KICKSTARTER and how to make the release of my EP and full Album WORKING FOR THE DREAMERS come to life!!

As promised from my video above, I have an exciting video message from Huey Lewis for you to watch!  *squeal*   Then read on to hear the rest of my project description!


This is the very first time I've been working with producers...and how exciting it has been.

It has been a DREAM to get to work with one of my musical mentors Stewart Levine.  For years I've been hoping I'd get to work with him and now it's finally happening. 

I met Stewart through Huey Lewis after I had done some playing with Huey. Stewart is a GRAMMY and Academy Award winning producer and has produced some of my favorite artists and records (including one of Huey's!)

He's connected me to his son, the very talented, Sunny Levine. Sunny has been literally digging into the tracks, making drum beats, turning knobs like a wiz, editing, mixing, co-writing. It's been a blast.

Sunny is a record producer, songwriter and film composer and worked with artists such as Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti, Happy Mondays, Scarlett Johansson, Pete Yorn, Hugh Masekela, Rashida Jones, film score for the motion picture Celeste and Jesse Forever.

I've been working on these new songs for the last YEAR while I've been in and out of touring. I can tell you that each track is pure gold to me and we've been working so hard on it. Stewart and Sunny have really helped me bring this music to new heights and I'm very excited for it!

In many ways I feel this EP  is the "Grace Kelly debut." I'm playing sax on it, singing, playing keys/piano.  I've also written all the material.  It's a sound that I've been searching for, one that melds pop and jazz together.    I strongly feel this EP has cross over potential and is not only for jazz lovers but a mainstream audience as well.  That's why I chose to launch my very first Kickstarter campaign now for THIS project.

I will also be working on the FULL length Album which this Kickstarter will also be supporting. And if we EXCEED the goal, it will help with studio and production costs.  I'm hoping to have a full length album done sometime next year but you will be getting your EP mailed right away. Once the full length album is completed it will be mailed to you as well!

Up to now I've released 8 CDs with my family business PAZZ under our own record label.  We've done our best to promote it with the funds we have and sell my CDS at gigs.  It's a lot of work being an independent artist. The upside is being able to have all creative control over what I do and how I do it.  I'm also so blessed to have my father who manages me, takes care of contracts, drives the band around, schedules our tours, all out of LOVE. But the one thing we do NOT have which can help bring my career to the next level is FUNDING.

Major record labels spend hundreds of thousands of dollars to just PROMOTE their artists.  Between making CDs and subsidizing the extra costs from my tours, money has been tight. And we simply do not have that funding.

This is where YOU come in.!! 

In order to make this EP come to life I need your help.

We're looking to raise $50,000. You might be thinking, "$50,000 that's A LOT of money!!" And you're right, it certainly is a chunk of money, but it's really only scratching the surface of how much we will need to put together the BEST Grace Kelly team!!

Your money will be going towards, Promotion, mixing, mastering, online promotion, radio promotion, music videos, and photo shoots.  All of these things are all very expensive especially when working with A list people. Also factored in is Kickstarters fee, Amazon fee and fees on shipping the gifts out to you.)

My company PAZZ productions will also be putting in money from our own pockets to help finance this promotional push.

I've found that whether it's for a single, EP or album its all the same effort.

 I have fans who come up to me after shows and say, "How come we didn't know about you?" "More people need to know about you!!" "When are you going to be on the Letterman show?"

Well folks, a big chunk of that comes down to PR, a great team, and of course a fan base that spreads the word (and how lucky I am to already have the BEST fans ever) now let's get even more people on board!

We HAVE 31 DAYS TO RAISE $50,000!!! (NOTE: There are only 12days left as of today - 27 May 2014) If we make it to the $50,000 goal and still have time, we can KEEP going and raise even more money that will go into this campaign. We will take it SKY high. We will even be able to film music videos for every song on the EP and possibly even cover/collaboration videos as well.

The more money we raise, the more people we can reach!

How do you donate?? - it's very simple. Just go to my Kickstarter page press the green button on the right that says "Back this project", pledge an amount, and select your reward! If you don't want a gift you can also just donate whatever amount you'd like.

Here's the catch- If I don't reach my goal of $50,000 in 31 days I don't get ANYTHING and all the money is refunded back to you and I won't be able to release this EP right now.

And that my friends, would be very sad because you wouldn't get any of the very fun gifts offered in exchange for your donation!

And who doesn't LOVE gifts?!?!?! I know I do.

If you donate money I'll give you very fun/cool/totally unique gifts in return such as...

-I’ll send you advance copies of the album before it’s released

-Play/sing HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you or whoever you want to give the present to on the phone on their special day

- Skype Lessons

-VIP Tickets, backstage passes

-I'll fly my band out to your house to play a show

-I'll cover any song you like at my show with a shout out

-You can come PERFORM with me and my band on a song during our live performance It's a fun trade!

I will be personally putting together all the packages, writing the thank you notes and keeping all my backers updated along the way. You will get access to the posts I write, videos I post, etc.

Anyways, you get the idea. I had a BALL coming up with ideas for gifts and I'm SO excited about them, I hope you will be too.

I believe in the power of music. I have watched my music touch hearts and lift people up. My dream ever since I was a little girl was to reach as many people possible with my songs and make a difference in their lives. With your help I know we can lift so many people up, spread the joy and spread the MUSIC!

Thank you for being the BEST fans ever, you have never let me down..voting for me, sharing posts, coming to shows, bringing your friends, and now I'm excited to say we can do this journey TOGETHER. Wee!!

I appreciate any donation you can give and please SPREAD the word. Facebook it ---- Tweet it ---- Email it.

Thank you so much in advance for your support. It means the world to me.

Thank you for WATCHING, READING and for SHARING this!


Much Love, Grace